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  • Plurafac® SLF 180 FLEX

    Flex low foaming surfactant with a cloud point of 18 °C. Suitable for low temperature cleaning (Less than or equal to 45°C). Excellent choice for eliminating spotting and filming in automatic dishwashing. Very good synergy with Pluronic N3 specially when used as a rinse aid in low temperature warewash machines. Final surfactant choice will be formulation dependent.


    • 1 pmm 1,4-Dioxane certified at batch level on every COA
    • Pending listing on EPA's Safer Chemical Ingredients List

    Technical Specifications

    • Solid a a liquid
    • Cloud point 18 C
    • Biodegradbility: readily biodegradable
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    • Range Card
    • Food & Beverage Processing
    • Food Service & Kitchen Hygiene
    • Industrial Cleaning
    Chemical Name

    Alcohol Alkoxylate

    • Bottle Wash
    • Cleaning in Place
    • Warewash
    • Automatic Dishwashing
    • Rinse Aid
    • Cleaning with Low Foam
    • Low Foaming Solutions
    • Wetting & Low Foam